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Stroke Care International is a non government organization that is focused on driving stroke awareness, education and care in Nigeria.
SCI was launched in 2015 and the vision is to reach a million people living with Stroke by the year 2025.
We have a deep passion for the work that we do to improve the living standards of people living with stroke

Stroke Care International

We make a difference in the lives of people with stroke.

We are passionate about reducing stroke everywhere by training professionals and raising public awareness on the causes and symptoms of stroke in the community.


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SCI - is a non-profit organization based in UK and Nigeria working to beat stroke.

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Gloria Ekeng

Dr Ademola Caleb Gbiri

Elmer Javier Catangui RN, RM, MBA, PGCert, MSc in Nursing (UK), PhD

Emonena Abenabe

Bhavan Bhavsar

Dr Abayomi Oluwakolade Folajimi

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Stroke Care International is a non-profit organization to support people with stroke worldwide. 


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